Why Do so Many Learners Choose Tim Simms Driving School Every Week?
"Hi I'm Tim Simms I could tell you about high pass rates and why I come so highly recommended but talk is cheap and you've probably heard it all before, so for that reason I'll leave my customers to do the talking for me."
Happy Customers Sell Our Lessons
"Thank you Tim, first and foremost for helping me passing my test, thank you for your patience, always there to help me even when I'm about to give up on myself. I had another driving instructor before you, he wasn't for me. I think I found the perfect driving instructor. Again thank you very much." 
Steve Bush, Darwen
Steve Bush Is One Of The Many Reviews On My Website6 Super Secrets To Your 1st Time Pass!
All Your Lessons have a clearly defined objective (No aimless driving around with no idea of what you're trying to achieve)

You Will Learn faster with our modern teaching style

Your lessons will be interactive. (You will be actively encouraged to ask questions to clear up any possible misunderstandings you may have)

Regular recaps speed up the learning process

You will have the option to take 2 hour lessons (this will give you the best value for money and reduce your learning period)

You will have the option to book a regular weekly lesson at a time convenient to you. (Statistics show that regular weekly lessons will give you continuity and increase your chance of passing first time)
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once the last remaining diary spaces are filled it will be be withdrawn

100% Risk Free Guarantee.
"What else can I do to convince you that I really am your best option to gaining your full licence and the all important independence that goes with it,
"In the event that you are not completely happy with the service and tuition you receive , I will arrange a refund"

Tim SimmsCall Me Now on...07980517739 or 01254582447
I will be delighted to take your call, discuss your requirements and help you take the first step to independence and gaining your full licence.
You will benefit from our free pick up and drop off service at a time that's convenient to you.
I take card payments over the phone or you can pay on the day
FREEPass your Test QuickerResource.ALL New Customers Will Receive FULL and Unlimited Access To Theory Test Pro
No Need To Buy Disks or Software

Statistics Show That Students are Twice as Likely to Pass 1st With Theory Test Pro

Reduce The Time It Takes To Pass Your Test

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